TADMentor: Advice and Help to Grow your Business

TADMentorThe TADS sponsors and partners have an unmatched wealth of experience in telecom app development and contacts with most of the relevant people / investors around the world. The TADS ecosystem is focused on helping anyone interested in telecom app development. If you are a start-up, business, or individual using telecom capabilities (e.g. APIs, WebRTC, open or closed source platforms) in your applications, services or business processes and seeking investment or some help/advice in building your business, TADMentor will make the TADS ecosystem work for you.

The TADS sponsors supporting TADMentor are Apidaze, Dialogic, hSenid Mobile, Nexmo, Telestax, Tropo, TruphoneUbuntu, Voximplant, and WSO2.Telco.

How it works is quite simple:

  • TADS sponsors will have mentorship prizes at TADHack in 2016;
  • When developers register for TADHack they can also register their interest in TADMentor; and
  • Developers who register their interest in TADMentor will get advice and help to grow their businesses from the TADS ecosystem.

Some of the unique aspects of this ecosystem based approach are:

  • Global: TADS sponsors are distributed around the world, as are their contacts;
  • Reach: combined contact list reaches most of the investors / people around the world relevant to telecom app development;
  • Local: mentors could even be based in the same city as you;
  • Open: choose what’s right for you, do not get trapped in a silo;
  • Warm intros and advice to increase your chances of funding; and
  • Unmatched mind-trust of experience in using telecom capabilities in applications, services and business processes.

This is just the beginning of TADMentor. We start with a lightweight process in 2016 to experiment to see what works. We will refine the process based on that experience to help grow the TADS ecosystem. TADMentor complements the sponsors’ existing processes and community programs, its aim is simply to help anyone interested in telecom app development be successful.

At the end of TADSummit in Lisbon on the 18th November we ran a panel of the TADMentor backers.