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TADSummit Revisited, In-depth Q&A

Thanks for everyone’s feedback on TADSummit. To address the area for improvement in enabling  more discussion and Q&A on the presentations given during TADSummit. The plan is to run a weekly “TADSummit Revisited” Hangout OnAir session every Wednesday. The exact time will depend on the locations of the people joining the Hangout. We’ll gather off-line questions, … Continue reading TADSummit Revisited, In-depth Q&A

TADSummit 2015 Summary

TADSummit 2015 ran from the 17-18 November in Lisbon and online. Bringing close to 200 innovators in person over the two days, and over 200 people online for each day, with some online viewers watching for 3 hours straight. An audience of close to 400 on each day. TADSummit is a chance for people around … Continue reading TADSummit 2015 Summary

TADMentor: Advice and Help to Grow your Business

The TADS sponsors and partners have an unmatched wealth of experience in telecom app development and contacts with most of the relevant people / investors around the world. The TADS ecosystem is focused on helping anyone interested in telecom app development. If you are a start-up, business, or individual using telecom capabilities (e.g. APIs, WebRTC, open or … Continue reading TADMentor: Advice and Help to Grow your Business