TADSummit Day 1 Afternoon Plenary

day 1 afternoon plenaryAfter the Day 1 work streams (we’ll review in later weblogs) we came back to the Day 1 afternoon plenary with Oracle Communications and Telecom Italia, Metaswitch Networks and Manx Telecom, Matrix.org, Ericsson and a Truphone teaser for the Dangerous Demo on Day 2.

Douglas Tait, Director Telecoms Markets, Oracle Communications and Enzo Amorino , Telecom Italia jointly presented on “The Programmable Telecom Network.”

WebRTC and Telecom APIs are the fundamental enablers of the programmable telecom network. Oracle shared several case studies on how Oracle’s customers are rewriting the rules on telecom app development, with a special focus on Telecom Italia.

Paul Drew GM, Open Source Business Unit Metaswitch Networks presented on “Case Studies on Telecom Open Source.” Since last year when we demonstrated “IMS in Minutes” at TADHack, we’ve seen tier 1 customers around the world ramp up their adoption of open source software in the core of their network. Paul shared several case studies on what Metaswitch Networks and our customers have achieved and the impact on their business.

Matthew Hodgson, Co-founder, Matrix.org presented “Matrix – One-year in.” Matrix went into beta in December 2014, and here we are, almost one year later! In this talk, we want to have a look at where we are with Matrix today, and what people in the community have done with Matrix. We will look at the whole ecosystem that has emerged – from glossy client apps, SDKs and servers, to Application Services and bridges to SIP, IMS, XMPP, Slack, Lync etc written by the community. Matrix is also the missing standard HTTP signaling protocol for WebRTC, acting as an open standard for decentralized, persistent communication.

Pedro Calderon, Strategic Product Manager Authentication and Digital Identity Ericsson presented on “Pushing MNOs driven disruption to new heights in the new Digital Ecosystems.” Mobile Authentication & Identity are established Telco key assets with great demand in the new Digital Ecosystem. New services in the Digital Economy require secure transactions with higher levels of assurance in identity proofing.

Operators are in a great position to provide these trusted services while disrupting the OTT market and generating new revenue streams. Smart, standard-based SIM Authentication coupled with Mobile Identity and IoT Security provided by Ericsson, push Operators to a unique, strong and very relevant place in the multi-Billion dollar Digital Economy market. A market currently dominated by a rather large set of OTT and niche players with proprietary solutions.

James Body, Head of R&D, Truphone presented on “Dangerous Demo: The TADCloud MNO Teaser.” At TAD Summit 2013, it became apparent that most application developers were challenged to demonstrate their solutions without a Mobile Network upon which to host them.

Consequently, a Group of TAD Members decided to work together to build a ‘Cloud Based Mobile Network’ to show off the capability of their systems and to provide a network platform into which other Application Platforms could interface their components. The first iteration of this, showing a basic mobile core network was demonstrated at TAD Summit 2014 in Istanbul. This consisted of Truphone Network services working through OpenCloud Hosted Open Source IMS (Project Clearwater from Metaswitch) together with Restcomm Application Services (from Telestax).

This session introduced the component parts of the 2015 TADSummit Demo (TADCloud MNO) and will outline their functionality as a preview to a fuller demonstration during the breakout sessions on Wednesday.