TADSummit: The Thought-Leadership Summit in Programmable Telecoms

tadsummitTADSummit is just two weeks away, the agenda is packed. The attendee list includes a who’s who of the programmable telecoms industry. We have a diverse audience across  developers, enterprises, enterprise service providers, telcos, and programmable telecoms technology / service providers. We also have TADHack winners attending and presenting:

  • Hack: snappy kamailio. By Daniel-Constantin Mierla. Running kamailio on snappy received Canonical Global prize.
  • Hack: Virtual Healthcare Triage. By Germán Goldenstein, Nestor Bermudez, Arin Sime, David Alfaro. Received Cisco Spark / Tropo global prize.
  • Hack: BotFunnels is a marketing automation campaign manager that uses chat bots in messengers using Cisco Spark and Tropo. By Igor Tsalenchuk, Max Zhuravinsky, Mary Yasko, Anton Kovalenko, Vitaliy Godzevich, Vladislav Pletnyov, Vyacheslav Oleynik.

What sets TADSummit apart is thought leadership. We have promoted the democratization of telecoms through APIs and open/closed source platforms. This has led to an important trend in the DIY of telecoms. Businesses can now build their own telecom networks and services. As many more people can innovate in telecom services, its created a Cambrian Explosion of telecoms innovation. 

We’re also practice-based. The thought leadership at TADSummit is based on real-world experience. Not desk based research with its inevitable GIGO (Garbage-In / Garbage-Out), rather the slow and painful failures amassed through trying to make new stuff happen in the market.

We are highlighting this year the Decentralized Web with a session led by TADHack and TADSummit sponsor, the reThink Project. With contributions from David Dias of IPFS; and thought-leadership / demonstrations from  Matrix and the  Dangerous Demo. You’ll come away from TADSummit with an understanding of the impact the Decentralized Web will  have on your industry, its going to be big!

The Dangerous Demo will be showing the state of the art in telecoms. With applications running at the edge of the network, programmable radio, including some of the TADHack winners, bots, and the blending of network and device capabilities to create unique services. We’ll have more on this later this week.

We have, of course, all the sponsors and partners: Canonical / Ubuntu, Cisco / Tropo, hSenid Mobile, Matrix, Nexmo / Vonage,  reThink ProjectTelestax, Voxbone, and partner Metaswitch. The amazing line-up of presenters you can see in the agenda, which includes most of the brain-trust in the programmable telecoms industry. Some of the other attendees include:

  • Flowroute, Inteliquent, Synchronoss, Locatrix, Prilogic, Quobis, Dialogic, DataArt, SORS Global, Cequens, Symsoft, Apizee, Unifonic, ECT-Telecoms
  • Telcos: Telefonica, T-Mobile, DT, Portugal Telecom, Vodafone, NTT, NTT-AT, NTT Data, Softbank, Dialog, Meo,  France Telecom, MTN, Swisscom, Orange, Telenor, Truphone
  • Universities and research institutes: IST, Altice Labs,  INESC-ID ,
  • Enterprise service providers such as Zoho, Aramco, GMC Soft, Jcodee, PikaTech,  x-Mobility, Garanti Teknoloji, Ovoo, Novabase, BotFunnels, ESH Network 
  • Start-ups and developers from many industries Ziron, Javna, MySiANA, first-approach, Blitzense, Asipto – Kamailio

TADSummit is where the future of telecoms is demonstrated, and the deals and connections that will accelerate its adoption across industries will be made.

You’re not going to hear tedious generic marketing presentations on 5G, IoT, NFV, Business Transformation, IPTV,  and the many other topics wasting people’s attention. Instead the focus will be the practical application of technologies that are democratizing telecoms for everyone. And the revolutions this is creating across many industries including the telecommunications industry.