Stream 2: Case Studies in Telecom App Development Part 1

Stream 2 reviews the successful practical applications of IoT / M2M, WebRTC, Telecom APIs, and the many mash-ups across these capabilities. Being based on hard-won real-world experience is a foundational component of TADS, it stops the garbage-in:garbage-out (GIGO) of many marketing and analyst presentations.

We Moved the PBX from the Cloud to the Web – Fone.Do one year on! Moshe Maeir, Founder Fone.Do. I greatly respect the approach Moshe has taken to, its simply customer centric. Making it easy for small business to set up a phone system. I also love Moshe’s drive and vast business and technology experience. This is evident in his architecture for enabling both a direct to business as well as a white-labelled approach.

The Challenge of Augmented RTC, Nir Simionovich, CEO, GreenfieldTech.

What happens when your “Dropbox” outgrows your “AWS”? What happens when your “AWS” in no longer the economical solution? The answer is Augmented RTC – A disruptive method of augmenting Cloud infrastructure with on-premise services, while keeping it all tight and simple.

This was Nir’s first time a TADSummit, I was really pleased he was able to join us, as he bring a vast reviews experience in RTC. I like his augmented RTC approach, as we saw in Olivier’s presentation about RogerVoice as they scale their need for control also increases. And that’s the problem Nir is addressing, there’s definitely demand for Augmented RTC.

Let Your Talking do the Walking: Sammy James, Founder and CEO Speak2Leads. This is in my opinion the archetype communication enabled business process. Getting a response to an online lead as soon as possible. Sammy has built a powerful platform to solve this problem using Tropo.

Experiences at the bleeding edge of Telecom App Development – David Alfaro, Latinamerica Operations Chief at AgilityFeat

AgilityFeat is an impressive case study on how the democratization of telecoms is enabling entrepreneurs to create amazing new value for customers around the world. David will review some case studies of their projects in telecom app development.

Successful practical applications of IoT / M2M, Mark White, Locatrix. The devil is always in the detail, and in this presentation the devil is in multi-network location in IoT.  Mark shared some of the challenges using network location and approaches they are taking to solve them.