Stream 1: New Service Delivery Methods

This break-out stream covers 2 new service delivery methods:

  • A2P Delivery. The so called OTTs (Over The Top) service providers have been focused on P2P, that is using investor cash to build a large user base. Following the lead of Wechat, they are now focusing on A2P (Application to Person) and creating new service delivery models. Service delivery is getting more diverse and closer to the customer.
  • Network App Store Delivery: Any network element is a computer that can support a specific type of app store, especially given the programmability of wired and wireless interfaces. Potentially network related applications: for example, at a business premise a service provider can fire up an IoT gateway, or a Zigbee network, or a NAS, or a reverse-proxy firewall, etc.

Case Studies in network and device app stores. Maarten Ectors, Vice President IoT, Canonical / Ubuntu.

In all the impressive demonstrations its easy to miss, but there was an important announcement made by Lime Microsystems that the LimeSDR will support the snappy app store. Not only does a mobile basestation cost just a few hundred dollars, it also can support lots of new services. As an enterprise its now also your PBX, as an MVNO its now your core telephony platform running at the edge, it can stores movies and training courses for Africa villages where streaming video was once impossible. This is going to be an exciting platform to hack on in TADHack Global 2017!

TADHack Winner Case Study: Snappy Kamailio, by Daniel-Constantin Mierla.

Great guidance on how to build snaps, which can then run on for example the LimeSDR. And in the examples above, several are enabled buy diazepam online forum through Kamailio being able to run at the edge of the network.

The next 2 presentations examine using service platforms like Slack or voicemail to deliver new services. The main benefits of riding on top of this platforms are: faster to market, faster development and greater engagement.

Ottspott on Slack – real world experiences in using Slack for RTC service distribution. Luis Quina Borges, Co-Founder and CEO Apidaze. Ottspott shows that A2P distribution works, they achieved 9000 beta users in just 6 months. They’ve expanded across other messaging platforms to further increase their reach. The business model being extended by white-labelling, SIP trunking and IT services using their API. So its quite complementary to Apidaze core business, it simply  provides a platform to reach many more customers while the number of apps in the store is small.

Voicemail innovation, how it can be relevant again in a world of Bots and AI. Karel Bourgois, Founder and CEO Voxist.

After Karel’s pitch in the Carnival of the Creators, he had a chance to demo the service and dive into where the Voxist journey will lead. As an example of an addressable customer groups: I’ve been working with contractors on the renovation of my home over the past year. A vertically focused assistant would be a godsend to avoiding the many cock-ups and inefficiencies caused through poor organization between people on a job-site. And often from sub-contractors inability to remember all they were supposed to do. I’ll avoid going into a rant here on contractors, but I really hope Karel can make Voxist fly and vasty improve the performance of certain industry verticals.