Stream 3: Project reTHINK: Decentralised Communications

project rethinkProject reTHINK provides a framework for decentralised communication infrastructure to make network services faster, more effective, trustful and reliable as well as implicitly programmable and inter-operable. Ultimately, the reTHINK framework is an alternative to the centralised IMS Architecture as well as to walled garden communication networks, currently dominated by Web Players that prevent newcomers from entering in the market. At the same time, reTHINK empowers the users with the choice and the management of their private data and identities.

This was the first time the three leading projects in the decentralized / distributed web came together: Project reTHINK, IPFS and Rather than being in out-right competition as we’ve seen in decentralized social networks. The projects were quite complementary. Forming the core of the decentralized web, with good alignment of objectives. This has the potential to move fast, within 3 to 5 years we could see the distributed web in wide-spread use.

What are decentralised communications and why we need it (Anastasius Gavras, Eurescom and Simon Bécot, Orange Labs)

Hyperlinked Entities: decentralised micro-services that are inherently inter-operable (Paulo Chainho, Altice Labs)

Decentralised Trust: power to the end-user (Jean-Michel Crom, Orange Labs)

Decentralised Web: IPFS project (guest speaker – David Dias, P2P Software Engineer & Researcher at Protocol Labs, IPFS – )

Debate: How to monetise decentralised communications? (Moderated by Anastasius Gavras, Eurescom with Paulo Chainho, Jean-Michel Crom, David Dias and Matthew Hodgson, Matrix ).