Stream 4: Contextual Comms, Conversational CRM, BOTs

Stream 4, Contextual Comms, Conversational CRM, BOTs, reviews the practical impact of the changes happening to communications. Messaging and IP Communications as a Platform providers are diversifying the options for communications, and how businesses communicate with their customers. We are only at the early stages of this change, however, multi-channel communications, session management, automation (BOTs) and real-time analytics are delivering business results today.

Best Practices in Building Websockets APIs – Elad Wertzberger, Technical Leader, Liveperson

This is by far the best technical session I’ve seen reviewing best practices in the implementation of web-sockets APIs. Elad addresses the challenges often faced and demonstrates how to solve them. If you use or are planning to use websockets APIs, this is the presentation for you.

Just! Thomas Howe, Communications Service Designer, and TADHack Winner. Thomas reviews why bot servers matter. This presentation could save you hundreds of thousands in development costs. And the great thing is Thomas’s bot server is open source.

Practical Experiences of hacking with Contextual Comms and BOTS, Sam Machin, Developer Relations, Nexmo, a Vonage Company and TADHack Winner. Sam makes a very important point I realize I overlook as TADHack becomes more main-stream. When we talk about hack in TADHack, we’re not talking about breaching security of a website or IT system. We’re talking about prototyping. Its hacking something together to show something new, not hacking into something. Thanks Sam 🙂

TADHack Winner (Cisco Spark and Tropo). BotFunnels by Igor Tsalenchuk. BotFunnels is a marketing automation campaign manager that uses chat bots in messengers.

Voice Chatbots: the customer service automation revolution. Luca Pradovera, Real Time Application Engineer, Mojo Lingo

The future of call center “first line of defense” software will be served by context-aware, sentiment analysis capable bots that are almost undistinguishable from low-skilled operators, and more precise in many cases. Leveraging APIs such as IBM Watson and Google Speech makes it possible to build voice and text chatbots that can interact with the context, extract entities, and provide services to callers. Those agents can be made available though telephony, WebRTC, text messages and chat services. The presentation will include insights about the various APIs and channels, gathered from Mojo Lingo’s latest projects, a look into the near future of call center agent automation, and a demo.

When Will Telecom Innovation Breach the Call Center Silo? Shai Berger, Founder and CEO Fonolo

The call center is the most siloed part of enterprise software. Many bold visions for the future of customer service have run aground underestimating this stubborn reality. Reviewing Fonolo’s journey to bring “over the top” innovation to the call center world is great way to understand this challenge.

This is an excellent presentation, I’m really pleased Shai was able to join us. This is the best review of the challenges in call center innovation I’ve seen, as well as their current status. I hope at TADHack-mini Orlando, before Enterprise Connect, we can help in breaching the call center silo.

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