Introduction to hSenid Mobile Keynote at TADSummit Asia with Roshni and Sandarenu

hSenidMobileOn Monday 29th April 7AM NYC / 4:30 PM Colombo Sri Lanka we’re running a webinar with Roshni Hewamallika and Sandarenu Madan Arachchige of hSenid Mobile. Note, because of the ongoing security operations in Sri Lanka we moved the start time 1 hour earlier than previously published. The purpose of this webinar is to introduce the hSenid Mobile keynote and Omni-channel customer engagement platform presentation at TADSummit Asia 28-29 May in KL. You can see the TADSummit Asia agenda here.

The agenda for this webinar is:

  • Introduction to hSenid Mobile – Roshni (3 to 5 mins)
  • Introduction to TADSummit Asia – Alan (2 to 3 mins)
  • hSenid Mobile keynote preview: The power of CPaaS for Enterprises. What to expect and the benefits of attending. – Roshni (3 to 5 mins)
  • hSenid Mobile presentation: Omni-channel customer engagement platform for Telco’s Marketing. What to expect and the benefits of attending. – Sandarenu (3 to 5 mins)
  • Q&A (We’ll take realtime question from YouTube and from Twitter use the handle @TADSummit. If you have questions before the event please add them to the comments section of this weblog.)

Keynote from Roshni Hewamallika, Deputy General Manager – Core Business at hSenid Mobile. The power of CPaaS for Enterprises.

hSenid Mobile have supported TADHack and TADSummit since the bringing, in 2013. We are proud to have helped hSenid Mobile achieved its world-leading success. They have through their unique combination of people, processes and technology have the largest revenue impact of any telco marketplace in the world.

Roshni will share the keys to their success, it’s not only about the technology, understanding the processes and the people necessary to make this success possible are also critical. This is a can-not-miss session for any telco, developer or business wanting to understand why Asia can uniquely deliver service innovation success.

Omni-channel customer engagement platform for Telco’s Marketing, Sandarenu Madan Arachchige, Software Architect, hSenid Mobile.

Every market is different when it comes to customer communications, increasingly so, and its also dynamic as different segments within countries adopt new communication apps. How Japan messages (LINE dominates with SMS rarely used and even mobile email becoming less popular) is different to China (WeChat dominates with SMS remaining an important channel) is different to Malaysia (WhatsApp and SMS).

Simply taking solutions that work in North America, and assuming it will work in other countries will result in failure. hSenid Mobile will share their global experiences, and focus on making Omni-channel customer engagement work across Asia.