Wazo Sponsors TADSummit EMEA



We’re delighted to announce Wazo is sponsoring TADSummit EMEA on the 19-20 November 2019 at IdeaLondon. As a long-term trusted partner of TADSummit, Wazo has been a sponsor of the event for the third year in a row.

Wazo’s mission is to unleash the innovative capabilities of the communications world by providing an open, hybrid and programmable communication platform. Wazo product portfolio is two-fold:

  • Wazo Programmable Communication Platform: a solution that enables large organizations and players in the world of communications to develop innovative communication services. Entirely based on a programmable approach, the platform provides access to a rich variety of API Rest and event management mechanisms in order to freely develop services that meet needs and integrate communication functionalities within applications.
  • Wazo Unified Communication Platform: entirely built from the Wazo Programmable Communication Platform, a turnkey platform and augmentable that allows telecom operators and integrators to operate and market unified communication solutions. Distributed through a network of partners, this solution for SMEs and ETIs addresses collaboration and productivity optimization issues.

Wazo’s core communication engine is built from best of bread open-source components such as Asterisk & Kamailio and open standards in terms of APIs, event management and telecom protocols used. The Wazo platform guarantees: Interoperability, Reversibility, Standardization and Auditability. The Wazo open platform thus aims to guarantee the freedom of its customers in their use of technology.

Open Source Telecom Software is an important theme of TADSummit EMEA, it’s the fundamental enabler of many CXTech businesses. We have a session dedicated to it at TADSummit EMEA. Sharing the results of a global survey across many of the open source telecom projects, including Wazo and Asterisk; implementors will share that experiences with open source telecom software; and we’ll have a panel reviewing its future.

CXTech is a broader category than CPaaS where the C stands for Connectivity, Communications, Collaboration, Conversation, Customer; X for Experience because that’s what matters; and Tech because the focus is enablers. Think of it as the latest generation of business communications.

We’re delighted Wazo are a returning to sponsor for TADSummit in 2019. They’re an impressive company and open source community. Having Sylvain and Jérôme take part in TADSummit delivers the latest thinking and insights on what open source telecom software can offer.” Announced Alan Quayle, founder of TADSummit.

TADSummit provides an unmatched opportunity to meet with the thought-leaders and innovators in CXTech. It’s open, frank and no BS approach is invaluable to Wazo. That is why we’re back sponsoring TADSummit in 2019.” Declared Jérôme Pascal, CEO, Wazo.

The keynote will be all about showing how Wazo’s on-premise programmable communication platform provides the same feature coverage for voice use cases than that of the most prominent CPaaS that are available on the market.


Learn more about wazo.io and follow them on Twitter at @wazocommunity.

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