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Shango sponsors TADSummit

Shango is proud to announce its sponsorship of Telecom Application Developer Summit. Shango is fully aligned with the TADS Manifesto and builds its product based on the realization that the innovation that subscribers want to leverage is built exponentially faster on the outside of the operator networks. Shango Unify is a bridge that joins external … Continue reading Shango sponsors TADSummit

TADSummit Work Stream 2 (Ecosystem Operations) Kick Off Discussion

At TADSummit on the 12 and 13 November, there will be six work streams over the two days of the event, as described in this Introduction to TADSummit weblog. The work streams will be divided into detailed case studies and facilitated work group discussions focused on solving / exploring key issues in building the telecom application … Continue reading TADSummit Work Stream 2 (Ecosystem Operations) Kick Off Discussion

The Software Defined Telco

Guest Post by Ross Garrett, Director Product Marketing. Layer 7 Technologies a CA Technologies company. Back in 2011, Marc Andreessen famously stated that “software is eating the world” and predicted that – over the subsequent decade – almost every major industry would be disrupted and transformed by software and the innovations of Silicon Valley. Just … Continue reading The Software Defined Telco

TAD Manifesto Feedback Part 1

Since the release of the Manifesto it’s been an intense week, thank you for all the feedback, keep it coming.  We’re receiving lots of excellent advice; and having many discussions addressing confusions in the market.  This will help make the Manifesto easier to understand, especially on some of the assumptions and defining some of the … Continue reading TAD Manifesto Feedback Part 1