TADSummit Revisited, Sebastian Schumann, T-Mobile Slovakia

Sebastian SchumannOn Wednesday Feb 10th at 10AM EST we ran a TADSummit Revisited with Sebastian Schumann of T-Mobile Slovakia. You can view the Q&A session in the video at the end of this weblog, or just click here. Here are the previous TADSummit Revisited sessions.

Sebastian provides an important case study on the importance of TADHack and TADSummit to innovation using telecom capabilities. In April 2015 he took part in TADHack London, creating in just 24 hours a hack called Number Mapper. Even though Sebastian is not a coder, he was able to use Telestax Restcomm and Nexmo to create a hack and win! His TADHack pitch is shown below. Sebastian was able to take this learning back into T-Mobile and at TADSummit in November 2015 shared the results of his project, shown below.

Number Mapper Summary:

Subscribers often have multiple registered phone numbers for good reasons – mobile phone number, home/family number, office number and others. There is no standardized way to find out what are the phone numbers that a user controls, nor what the user prefers to use these numbers for.

If such simple mapping information were available, one can imagine a number of productivity applications and daily workflow efficiencies that can be realized. Some examples:

  • During office hours, when the user is in their office and wireless reception is poor, calls to the mobile number can be forwarded to the office line.
  • When the user is at home, mobile phone calls from friends can be forwarded to their IPTV phone after 8am and before 8pm.
  • After hours calls to the office line from VIP customers can be escalated to the personal mobile phone unless the user is floating on an inflatable banana near a Caribbean Island.


The result for TMO Slovakia is the service “parallel ringing” launched as part of “Telekom for Home” tablet proposition where the? TADHack code base was used for professional implementation. The telecoms world is changing, and TADHack/TADSummit help Telcos adapt through showing their people how easy telecom app development has become, and for those involved a handy boost to their careers 😉


  • What are the pros and cons of taking your approach versus a more “traditional” approach?
  • You claim to be a non-coder, but the tools you used look quite complex. Now easy is it really?
  • What were your experiences with Restcomm Visual Designer?
  • Telcos have traditionally been concerned about using open source software, are those concerns still valid in 2016?
  • What were your experiences with the Nexmo API? It does not conform to the OneAPI specification, does that matter?
  • What is the TAD Spirit?
  • How can TADHack and TADSummit get more telcos involved to discover your realizations to their own internal problems and challenges?

Sebastian Schumann of T-Mobile Slovakia pitch Number Mapper at TADHack-mini London (April 2015)

Sebastian Schumann of T-Mobile Slovakia at TADSummit (November 2015)

TADSummit Revisited Q&A with Sebastian Schumann of T-Mobile Slovakia at TADSummit (Feb 2016)

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