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“Wait a minute! Weren’t you just asking us to register for TADSummit Americas?”

Yep, I was. TADSummit Asia was in May, the first of the TADS 2019 Trilogy. TADSummit Americas will be the second of the trilogy in mid-October. And using a spaghetti western analogy, “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly” of the TADS Trilogy will be TADSummit EMEA in London on the 19th and 20th November.  You’ll see the agenda are quite different, hence some people are attending several TADSummit events.

A big thank you to our sponsors Wazo, VoIP Innovations, TeleSignAutomat Berlin, SiPalto for making TADSummit possible; IdeaLondon for the location; and our many partners for promoting TADSummit EMEA.

Please register here for TADSummit EMEA

If you want to understand the latest thinking, ideas, opportunities and insights in programmable telecoms / communications before everyone else. TADSummit is the only place to be for 7 years running.  We also call the category CXTech (shorter, more catchy term). The C stands for Connectivity, Communications, Collaboration, Conversation, Customer; X for Experience because that’s what matters; and Tech because the focus is enablers. Check out the CXTech newsletters.

Examples of what falls into CXTech includes: Programable Telecoms / Communications, CPaaS, UCaaS, CCaaS, open source telecom software, CPaaS enablers, Multi-Factor Authentication / Instant Authentication, Telecom APIs, WebRTC, Cloud Communications, CPaaS enabled services, omni-channel, telecom infrastructure as code, telecom service dashboards, the myriad of UIs making APIs and enablers and services useable beyond coders.

TADSummit is a small, independent, no-BS event (see our policy statement).  We’re proudly independent: you’ll not hear silliness about the API economy (check these thought-leading articles on “The Great API Con” and the coming “API Economy correction” to understand why); nor trite phrases like “digital transformation” or “video is the new voice”. Rather clear, thoughtful, common sense insight based on decades of experience to help you make decisions that are right for you, and not influenced by misinformation and silly industry framing.

The agenda is packed, with thought-leaders from many industries, not just programmable communications / CXTech.

  • We open with a keynote from Jonathan Grant, founder of NewVoiceMedia bought by Vonage; and currently CEO and CEO Speakserve: “A Perspective on the Past, Present and Future of Programmable Telecoms.
  • Jérôme Pascal, CEO, Wazo will give a keynote showing how Wazo’s on-premise programmable communication platform provides the same feature coverage for voice use cases than that of the most prominent CPaaS available on the market. Wazo have lots of stuff happening at the moment, this will be interesting.
  • We wrap-up the keynote session with an all-star panel on “The Status and Future of CXTech” with Jérôme Pascal, CEO, Wazo; Tony Jamous, previously President at Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, currently investor and advisor; Jonathan Grant, CEO and CEO Speakserve, previously CEO NewVoiceMedia; Rob Pickering, Founder and CEO Aplisay; and Ravish Patel, Director of Products, TeleSign.
  • Closing the Gap on Twilio” session is led by TADSummit sponsor Automat Berlin. With presentations on: “Improving the Experience of Realizing CXTech Use Cases” by Marten Schoenherr, CEO/Founder at Automat Berlin GmbH; and “Challenges Consuming Programmable Telecoms from the Developer’s Perspective” by Sebastian Schumann, Network Production Development at Deutsche Telekom.
  • We wrap up the “Closing the Gap on Twilio” session with a panel on “Crossing the Development Chasm” with Steve Goodwin, Marquis de Geek; Sylvain Boily, Founder and CTO, Wazo; Marten Schoenherr, CEO/Founder at Automat Berlin GmbH; and Sebastian Schumann, Network Production Development at Deutsche Telekom.
  • Open Source Telecom Software Session. Include: “Survey results on Open Source Telecom Software” by Alan Quayle, Independent; “Experiences with Open Source Telecom Software in the Contact Center Industry” by João Camarate, Chief Development Officer, GoContact; and we wrap up with a panel on “Future of Open Source Telecom Software” including João Camarate, Sylvain Boily, Sebastian Schumann, Werner Erikson (CTO at WorkingGroupTwo), and Rob Pickering (Founder and CEO Aplisay).
  • The last session of Day One is a unique mix of people for an “Industry Innovation Panel” including: Maarten Ectors, Chief Innovation Officer at Legal & General;  Professor Alistair Moore, UCL School of Management; Steve Goodwin, Marquis de Geek; Matt Millar, serial entrepreneur, Founder Updraft (solving expensive consumer debt); and Miles Cheetham, Head of Propositions at OPEN BANKING (entity set up by the UK Competition and Markets Authority). Will have presentation from Maarten, Miles and Alistair on the challenges facing their industries. And wrap up the session with a panel on ” Tell me about your problems…” where we roll-up our sleeves and get problem solving.
  • We wrap up the day with an evening reception sponsored by Sipalto, where the discussions kicked off through the day will go into the evening over pizza and drinks.
  • Day Two begins with a session on “Case Studies in CXTech (CPaaS, UCaaS CCaaS)” with a Deployment Update from Wazo; “Designing and Deploying Chatbots” by
    David Curran, Machine Learning Engineer at OpenJaw Technologies; and from TADSummit sponsor TeleSign “Identity, Authentication, and Programmable Telecoms” from Guillaume Bourcy, Global Sr. Director, Data and Solutions Strategy, TeleSign and Ravish Patel, Director of Products, Telesign.
  • After coffee we have a session on the “Latest CXTech Developments” with: “Building the SureVoIP Notify App” by Gavin Henry, SureVoIP; “Empower Call Agents with a simple Chrome extension” by Luis Borges Quina, CEO ottspott; and “The Trials and Tribulations of Building Calljoy before it even Existed” by Karel Bourgois, Founder and CEO Voxist.
  • After lunch we have a “Programmable Telecoms Innovation Afternoon” where I’ll share “By The Numbers: CPaaS, UCaaS, CCaaS Landscapes and Market Sizing“; “Aplisay, We make conversations. Better” by Rob Pickering, Founder and CEO Aplisay; “Le Voice Lab” by Karel Bourgois, Voice Chapter Pilot, Hub FranceIA; “Some (Surprising) Discoveries in Applying the as-a-service model in Running a Mobile Core Network” by Werner Eriksen, CTO Working Group Two (WG2); “Cloud Control Access: From Hack to Reality” by Andrei IVĂNOIU, Managing Partner, INOVO; “Updraft” by Matt Millar, serial entrepreneur, Founder Updraft (solving expensive consumer debt); and “Innovation in Bringing People Traditionally Disadvantaged in the Job Market into Technical Teams” by
    Matthew Reynolds, Founder, It’s What’s Next IT.
  • Closing Keynote: “Securing my Space Genitalia” by Simon Woodhead, CEO at Simwood Group PLC. Simon will explain how you have no privacy and how, hypothetically of course, he could use that to identify and track you in the name of security. He’ll also rant about why the cloud must die and how the coming edge compute revolution should be rejoiced by makers and open source developers everywhere.
  • With that we’re done and we’ll have a break for people to leave or grab a coffee. And we’ll have a “TADSummit EMEA Review and Improvement Plan” for those who want to help TADS in 2020. And for those staying in London that evening, we’ll head off for a drink and dinner.

Please register here for TADSummit EMEA

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