Preview of GoContact Keynote: Helping Carriers Win More Enterprise Business in a post-COVID-19 World


We are pleased to announce GoContact are sponsoring TADSummit EMEA / Americas 2020 in November.  Thanks to their support TADSummit is made possible. Their keynote presentation is: Helping Carriers Win More Enterprise Business in a post-COVID-19 World. Provided in this weblog is an introduction the GoContact keynote presentation.

GoContact has, with impressive success, enabled carriers in Portugal and Spain to compete and win in the Contact Center Enterprise space. Carriers NOS in Portugal, Masmovil and Orange in Spain, are now able to win large enterprise accounts with a full range of services: mobile, networking, datacenter, and PBX; all because they achieved a Contact Center win with GoContact’s offer.

GoContact offer what we call a “Secure and Private Contact Center Cloud as a Service” with this carriers have our technology inside their networks and interconnected with their core VoIP stack.

Carriers can then offer to their enterprise customers a fully private instance by leveraging their data centers, MPLS, and telecommunications offers alongside the Contact Center solution. This means that an enterprise customer who is looking for a Cloud Contact Center but has stringent security needs can rest assured that they will have full control of their deployment and full integration over private networks without the hassle of trying to figure out how to securely interconnect with the Public Cloud.

From a business economics perspective it’s a win-win for everyone involved. Running on the public cloud for contact center solutions usually means the costs are high, particularly when heavy workloads are involved, and especially given the special needs of voice and video.

The carrier can harness multiple parts of their business: Datacenter as a Service, Networking Services, and Telecommunications. Adding significant value to the original offer of a Contact Center solution. Their customer will get the best price as they are buying a bundle of services thus achieving a significant discount.

Carriers have, traditionally, built strong local relationships with large enterprise companies, they are the primary target of their corporate sales team. With GoContact’s Contact Center solution Carriers can now leverage all their infrastructure investments to deliver enterprise solutions such as a CCaaS.

GoContact realizes that the carriers are not necessarily experts in the contact center space and may need support in sales, pre-sales, operations and customer success. GoContact has built a program that consists of training and a dedicated team, to enable carriers’ rapid go-to-market and making sure that the quality of service is world-class.

GoContact takes care of the pre-sales, project Implementation and customer support for the carrier, on a “white-label” basis if required, and lets the carrier focus on the sales process. This strategy plays to the strengths of both the carrier and GoContact and ensures that the customer has the best service on the market.