Announcing TADSummit 2022


Firstly, thank you to STROLID, Broadvoice / GoContact and AWA Network / Automat Berlin for sponsoring TADSummit 2022. Their support is critical for this event to take place.

TADSummit is the thought-leadership event in programmable communications for ten years. You can cut straight to the TADSummit 2022 agenda here, lots to add. And thank you to all the presenters who have already committed.

The physical event will be held on 8/9 November at GoContact’s offices in Rua das Cardadeiras Lugar, nº107, 3800-125 Aveiro, Portugal. Aveiro is referred to as the Venice of Portugal. And as always we’ll livestream for everyone online.

TADSummit remains the only place to get a no-BS (it’s in our policies) understanding of what’s working across technology, services, go to market; and on the future of programmable communications.

We’ll update the TADSummit site with the location information and registration soon.


  • Programmable Communications Evolution, bundling, rise of the telco channel, enterprise account management, industry workflows. Who’s doing what, and what are the best practices?
  • What are the winning apps and integrations in UCaaS / CCaaS sold through Telco partnerships?
  • Conversation intelligence and vCons, an Open Standard for Conversation Data.
  • Chat Commerce, what are the top use cases and in which markets?
  • Identity Authentication, this is impacting most industries across the customer lifecycle to improve security, compliance, and customer experience.
  • Re-writing the rules in IoT programmability.
  • Web3 and programmable communication, breaking free of the aggregator stranglehold.
  • Adapting to the post-pandemic world. A frank review of UCaaS/CCaaS convergence realities, impact of industry consolidation, and what are the emerging features and capabilities across programmable communications.
  • Open source, this is the foundation technology of programmable communications. Work here fundamentally rewrites the rules of our industry. We’ll be reviewing the latest developments across the projects including programmable collaboration and scaleability.
  • Private session on DDoS, sorry no live streaming, face to face share of experiences in mitigating DDoS, and emerging attack vectors.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) Version of Agenda

Here’s the full TADSummit 2022 agenda, lots to add, but it’s going to be packed.

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  1. Excellent agenda of real and pressing strategic issues for all of us. Looking forward to it.

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