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Welcome & What Happened? Review

These TADSummit 2022 reviews are a chance to give all the excellent content deserved attention and add my commentary on its importance. I cover only my ‘Welcome and What happened since we last met? Where is the Programmable Comms market going?’ presentation as the article ended up being quite long and a bit soapboxy (warning … Continue reading Welcome & What Happened? Review

Voice technology for Healthcare, Dr. Shona D’Arcy

Video and Slides Outline: Voice technology for healthcare Dr. Shona D’Arcy, CEO Kids Speech Labs Speech Recognition is often seen as the holy grail for healthcare, imagine removing all the form filling that is currently taking up clinicians valuable time. In this talk I will try to answer a few pertinent questions: Why aren’t all … Continue reading Voice technology for Healthcare, Dr. Shona D’Arcy