TADSummit Asia 2019, KL, 28-29 May

TADSummit Asia 2019

In just over 2 months we have TADSummit Asia 2019 on 28-29 May in Kuala Lumpur. It covers 2 days:

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The benefits of attending across the diversity of attendees include:

  • If you are a CIO trying to understand what CPaaS, UCaaS, CCaaS, chatbots, cloud communications, omni-channel communications mean to your business. What is possible versus slideware. TADSummit will provide the clarity of insight you need.
  • If you are a technology or service provider in the programmable telecoms / communications segment you will meet peers with a track record of innovation in this space, in an open environment, to help grow your businesses together. Creating the future faster.
  • For Telcos / CSPs (Communication Service Providers) and their strategic suppliers, TADSummit provides an independent thought leadership event to see the future of telecoms today, and help you build the partnerships to grow your communications business.
  • For developers and students, TADSummit provides an insight to an exciting technology space that can set your career on a fast-track. Check out this video on all we’ve achieved with TADHack over the passed 5 years.
  • For regulators and thought-leaders you’ll meet the brain trust of the growth engine revolutionizing communications (telecoms if you prefer), a $1.2 Trillion industry.

Focusing on the agenda. I’m excited Roshni Hewamallika, Core Business at hSenid Mobile Solutions is able to keynote on “Next generation CPaaS, enabling Telco Marketplaces.” Sharing the successes hSenid Mobile have built around Asia, where the audience will be highly engaged in understanding their success. In Europe, when we shared  their successes, it never truly hit home. hSenid supported TADSummit for several years, but it’s hard to justify as we weren’t driving sales. With TADSummit Asia this will be different. Reproducing their success is a hot topic for many telcos in Asia. This is a simple example of why we needed to regionalize TADSummit.

We also have a keynote from Apigate, I’ll update this weblog with the details of their presentation soon.

Another example of the importance of regionalization is a discussion on “Talent Development in Programmable Telecoms” by Vivian Koh, Orbitage and the Communications Convergence Professional Society (CCPS).

In putting the agenda together I’ve discussed with many enterprises their plans in UC, UCaaS, CCaaS, CPaaS, conversational interfaces / chat bots, etc. The results of those conversations are stimulating. 2019 is the year of the conversational interface PoC (Proof of Concept). Interestingly, the focus is not so much on customer communications, rather employee communications. Part of the reason is because chatbots can permeate the silos, enabling end-to-end workflows without the headache of silo integration.

We’re lucky to have a session from Pamela Clark-Dickson, Practice Leader, Communications and Social, Consumer and Entertainment Services at Ovum on “The state of RCS (Rich Communications Service) in Asia, and Its Future Prospects.” And “SMEs Drive Market Growth and Competition” from Hwee-Xian Tan, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Services, SoHo and SME Research at Ovum.

We have lots of case studies including: “Transitioning to Employee Conversational Interfaces” by Prem A., Head of Automation, IT Operations, Cognizant. And “Omni-channel customer engagement platform for Telco’s Marketing” by Sandarenu Madan Arachchige, Software Architect, hSenid Mobile.

We’re fortunate to have David Curran, Machine Learning Engineer at OpenJaw Technologies. He will be presenting on “Designing and Deploying Chatbots in China.” David will provide a down-to-earth review of the current status of chatbots based on his extensive experience. No hype, just facts. He will then focus on chatbots in China based on his extensive deployment experience. Explaining the impact of the Chinese culture and language on chatbots. And highlighting some of the unique aspects of chatbots in China compared to the rest of the world that will accelerate the Chinese chatbot industry faster than anywhere else. Could Asia become the chatbot center of the world?

We still have lots to pack into the agenda.

On the second day of TADSummit Asia we have a  Programmable Telecoms Masterclass, looking both globally and locally at CXTech. You can review the Masterclass agenda here. In putting the TADSummit Asia 2019 agenda together we had many requests for a deep dive into programmable telecoms, yet keep the agenda to 2 days. The aim of this Masterclass is to provide an open, independent, and industry-wide review of the impact of programmable telecoms on business.

We will cover CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service), UCaaS (Unified Communications Platform as a Service, AKA virtual or cloud PBX), CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service), open source telecom software, authentication and customer experience, omni-channel customer communications, WebRTC (Web Real Time Communications) and much more reviewing the players and many use cases from around the world, to help enterprises and service providers make informed decisions. This will be an intense yet informative session.

Over the passed few of decades I’ve had thousands of people attend my workshops around the world on SDPs (Service Delivery Platform), IMS / RCS, 3G/4G, Telecom APIs, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Communications, and Programmable Telecoms / Communications (CXTech). In the ’90s I gave courses on broadband access and video compression / transmission. I’m looking forward to hosting this Masterclass on Programmable Telecoms.

If you want to get involved as a sponsor or presenter or an attendee, just contact us.

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