Announcing TADSummit Americas (15-16 Oct) and TADSummit EMEA (19-20 Nov)


We’ve published the draft agenda for:

There are still sponsor, partner, and speaking slots available as we’re over 4 / 5 months away.

What is TADSummit?

TADSummit is the leading independent thought-leadership event in programmable telecoms / communications (CXTech). Practically speaking, it’s the gathering Alan organizes where a load of interesting people meet to share experiences and insights, cut through the industrial BS, and show where the communications / telecom services industry is really going.

Take for example this silliness on video, we’re to believe video is the new voice, sigh! Voice remains voice, video is now much easier and reliable, its usage is increasing, but white-boarding (presenting slides) still dominates over video. Another example is the silliness of API economies and APIs enabling innovation, again sigh! Focusing on APIs ignores the importance of easy to use services (accessible through web wizards/templates) that solve business problems. TADSummit is both bleeding edge technology and hard-nosed practical realities because its by people working at the coal-face, for people working at the coal-face of CXTech / programmable telecoms.

In case you’ve not subscribed the to CXTech newsletter, defining CXTech:

  • C stands for Connectivity, Communications, Collaboration, Conversation, Customer;
  • X for Experience because that’s what matters; and
  • Tech because the focus is enablers.

What are the benefits of attending?

  • If you are a CIO trying to understand what CPaaS, UCaaS, CCaaS, chatbots, cloud communications, omni-channel communications mean to your business. What is possible versus slideware. TADSummit will provide the clarity of insight you need based on extensive practical experience.
  • If you are a technology or service provider in the programmable telecoms / communications segment you will meet peers with a track record of innovation in this space, in an open environment, to help grow your businesses together. Creating the future faster.
  • For Telcos / CSPs (Communication Service Providers) and their strategic suppliers, TADSummit provides an independent thought leadership event to see the future of telecoms today, and help you build the partnerships to grow your communications business.
  • For developers and students, TADSummit provides an insight to an exciting technology space that can set your career on a fast-track. Check out this video on all we’ve achieved with TADHack over the passed 5 years.
  • For regulators and thought-leaders you’ll meet the brain trust of the growth engine revolutionizing communications (telecoms if you prefer), a $1.2 Trillion industry.

TADSummit Americas Highlights

We’re over 4 months away but we’ve already got an exciting agenda including:

  • Opening keynote from the CTO of the FCC, Eric Burger. Always insightful and thought-provoking, a great way to kick off TADSummit Americas.
  • Identity and authentication remain challenging across all industries. Ryan Disraeli (CEO and co-founder of Telesign) will show the critical role programmable telecoms plays. They’re also a great partner for many companies involved in TADSummit, adding instant authentication to their offers. Telesign will also be sponsoring TADHack Global and partnering with TADSummit EMEA. Identity and authentication will play a significant role in TADS this year.
  • We’ll have a session dedicated to the TADHack Global (12-13 Oct) winners. Understanding how people outside the industry use programmable telecoms to solve problems. Thanks to both Telesign and VoIP Innovations for sponsoring TADHack Global this year. hSenid Mobile will be a location sponsor of TADHack Chicago, we’ll see some interesting hacks around the new development of eCPaaS (enterprise CPaaS), introduced in this webinar at TADSummit Asia.
  • We’ll have a session dedicated to identity and authentication, one of the fastest growing CPaaS segments. Covering: Account TakeOver fraud (ATO), International Revenue Sharing Fraud (IRSF), registration fraud, and the critical role programmable telecoms plays.
  • Day One wraps up with a drinks reception at around 5PM. There will also be a welcome drinks reception on the Monday evening for those staying over from TADHack Chicago as well as TADSummit early arrivals.
  • We kick off Day 2 with a session I’m really looking forward to on “Case Studies in CPaaS.” We’re bringing an excellent line-up of CXO level speakers with decade+ experience each in the practical implementation of CPaaS. This is a can-not-miss session for anyone involved or interested in CXTech.
  • We then examine the convergence of CPaaS, UCaaS, CCaaS with a number of case studies as well as a broader quantified market review.
  • We have a high-powered panel on privacy with Henning Schulzrinne Professor at Columbia University, ex-CTO of the FCC, and several global leaders in this space to be announced.
  • After lunch we have a session “State of the Art in Programmable Telecoms Session AND Latest innovations in Open Source CXTech”. Leaders in our industry sharing insights on end-point evolution, network testing and conversational interfaces. We may try in squeeze in a presentation on open source innovations, it just depends on people’s travel schedules.
  • We wrap-up the formal session with a closing keynote, which is to be announced. Again waiting on confirmation of availability. We will take a break for people to leave, then wrap-up the day with a feedback session. There may even be a drinks reception on the Wednesday as well. That has to be confirmed, regardless I think those remaining in Chicago will head off to The BOG.
  • We have 6+ additional presentations to squeeze into the agenda, its going to be packed!

TADSummit EMEA Highlights

We’re over 5 months away but we already have an unique and world-leading agenda including:

  • By November we’re hoping there will be a couple of exciting announcements made at the sponsors keynotes. I can’t say anymore else spoil the surprise.
  • Following the keynotes is a session with broad support across the industry on closing the gap on Twilio. Some of the immmr team have formed Automat Berlin (a TADSummit partner) an a key contributor to this session. From this session you’ll have a roadmap to close the gap and compete head-on against Twilio.
  • After lunch we have a session on open source telecom software, this has generated much interest. We’re currently undertaking a survey across the community on people’s experiences with the different open source telecom projects. We’ll present some of this results, along with others sharing their practical experiences. From this session you’ll have a much broader view on how people are using open source telecom software and the challenges they face.
  • Next is a session that can only happen in London, an Industry Innovation session. We’re bringing together a group of innovators from many industries to share their problems. And because we’re a group of engineers, have a go at solving them then and there. Hopefully we’re stimulate a few new projects out of this session.
  • We wrap up Day One with a reception, where we’ll likely follow-on the discussion of the previous Industry Innovation session into the evening.
  • Day Two kicks off with case studies on open source software deployments, chat bots, ottspott update, and building Calljoy before Google. These are frank, open and honest case studies. Everything is not awesome; there are failures, frustrations, and successes. TADSummit is a unique learning experience.
  • I’ll share some results from a broader quantified independent market review across CXTech (CPaaS, UCaaS, CCaaS and more).
  • In the afternoon we’ll focus on telco case studies in programmable telecoms.
  • We have an innovation showcase with quite a few new service and businesses being presented.
  • We wrap-up the formal session with a closing keynote, which is to be announced. Just waiting on confirmation of availability. We take a break for people to leave, then we’ll wrap-up the day with a feedback session, and for those staying in London we’ll head off for a drink and dinner.
  • We have 5+ more presentations to squeeze into the agenda, its going to be packed!

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TADSummit, The CXTech Event

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