A Weekend Full of Programmable Telecoms Thought Leadership

TADSummit 2020

Here’s a chance to learn from the people working at the coalface of the programmable telecoms / communications industry. We’ve completed 2 weeks of TADSummit Asia, and have 2 more weeks to go.

Below are the presentations given so far. It’s a full weekend of programmable telecoms thought leadership. The focus is Asia, but the information presented is valuable for everyone in the telecoms / communications industry.

You’ll get to see Jim Machi from Sangoma in a cowboy hat! Yes, it is disturbing. However, his review of the Sangoma product stack shows the breadth of programmable communications. And how enterprise communications solutions are not one size fits all.

Telesign demonstrates their leadership in identity verification using the phone number across presentations on seamless onboarding focused on EMEA and APAC, and the Americas markets. The keynote from Stacy is a great introduction to identity verification and how they’ve achieved a dominant position in the market.

We have excellent innovator interviews from Asia with Ruwan from Extrogene and Devadas from MySchoolPage. And a great interview from David Curran on permission-less innovation. An area Asia needs investment to build more location champions. We have more interviews to come from Manjeet Singh of Buddy4Study. EdTech is big!

Open source is critical to programmable communications’ past, present, and future. We have presentations from OpenSIPS, Kamailio and a review of the landscape. And more excellent presentations coming from drachtio.org, Asterisk, FreePBX, and a review of WebRTC.

Plus lots lots more on Network as a Service from Megaport, CXTech landscape, and even more hacks from David Curran.

Welcome to TADSummit Asia 2020

Sangoma Keynote: Welcome from Jim Machi and the Sangoma Product Stack

CXTech Landscape Across Asia by Alan Quayle

TeleSign TeleTalk: Digital Identity For Seamless Onboarding in EMEA and APAC by Abhijeet Singh

TeleSign TeleTalk: Digital Identity For Seamless Onboarding in the Americas by Stacy Stubblefield and Ravish Patel

Programmable Communications Innovator Interview: Ruwan Dissanayaka, Co-Founder and CEO at Extrogene Software

A Brief Introduction to Network as a Service and Megaport

Programmable Communications Innovator Interview: Devadas Krishnan, Chief Executive Officer at MySchoolPage

Introduction to Kamailio by Fred Posner

Open Source Telecom Software Landscape

OpenSIPS 3.1, on the Verge of Class 5 Enrichment by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

TeleSign Keynote: Global Provider with a Local Presence by Stacy Stubblefield

Innovator Interview: The Importance of Hacking with David Curran about Science Hack Day

There’s lots more coming over the next 2 weeks.

TADSummit 2020