First Look at the TADSummit Agenda

TADSummit agendaSince the inception of TADSummit 3 years ago it leads the industry’s thinking on the business and strategy of making and saving money from telecom application development. It has become the industry’s main event focused on service innovation. We anticipate over 250 registrations in 2016. You can download the draft TADSummit Agenda here. A big thank you to the sponsors of TADSummit for making it possible: Canonical / Ubuntu, Cisco / Tropo, hSenid Mobile, Matrix, Nexmo / Vonage, Telestax, Voxbone, and the many sponsors planning to join.

TADS is a grassroots initiative that is practice / experience focused, this means the people making and leading the business are in attendance. If its telecom-related and cool, we cover it, and help the industry understand why its important.

The main TADSummit conference will run on Tuesday the 15th and Wednesday 16th of November at the DoubleTree Fontana Park, Lisbon.  The format is similar to last year with pre-events on Monday 14th, the main event 15th – 16th, and post-events from the 17th November through to the weekend. The draft TADSummit agenda is available for download, if you want to be involved please contact us.

Note the WebSummit runs the week before (7th-10th November) in Lisbon, so we hope to see some spill over from that massive event into TADS, and we’re targeting a few notable people from that event to be involved in TADSummit as well 🙂 Lisbon last year in November was in the 20s C / 70s F.

The theme for TADSummit this year is the “The Industrialization of Telecom App Development”.  Reflecting the move from early adopters into the main stream. Tropo and Nexmo have been bought, Twilio is potentially going IPO and may be bought before it gets there, and smaller players like BetterVoice have been snapped up. The sheer size of TADHack Global this year and the volume of hacks going commercial show telecom app development is on its way to mainstream.

The TADSummit Agenda shows this year’s keynotes will focus on the people creating new value using telecom app development, the ‘Carnival of the Creators.’ Here is a preview of Voxist, who will be presenting in that session.

We also have keynotes from CEO of Vonage, Alan Masarek, and Tony Jamous, President Vonage, previously founder and CEO of their latest acquisition Nexmo. They will be discussing the future of cPaaS in the enterprise. Vish Nandlall (ex-CTO Telstra / Ericsson NA) will be connecting the dots of TADSummit into how we must think about Telecoms over the next 10 years. Philippe Vaysacc CIO Groupama will share how enterprises are disruptively innovating  with telecoms. And of course we have the dangerous where can i buy diazepam in uk demo 🙂

TADSummit is focused on bringing the whole of the ecosystem together for a practice-focused discussion on the application of telecom capabilities. The plenary sessions will be packed with hard won business insights and guidance based on experience not rehashed weak-minded marketing slides.

The streams reflect where new services and business are being created:

  • Stream 1: Contextual Communications, conversational CRM, BOTs, and real time analytics
  • Stream 2: M2M / IoT, WebRTC, telecom APIs, and mash-ups
  • Stream 3: From hack to business, review of TADHack successes
  • Stream 4: New service delivery options: application to person and network app stores
  • Stream 5: In-house innovation across telcos and enterprises
  • Stream 6: Dangerous Demo

As you review the agenda you’ll see the many innovators involved including: LimeSDR (check out their crowd funding project backed by big names like EE), Voxist (Karel Bourgois has made the leap from Orange to his own company), SyncRTC (the collaboration tool for TADHack), many of the TADHack winners, project reThink, industry leaders, and most importantly the people who have made telecom app development possible.

Disruptive Dean will provide the “The Disruptive Curmudgeon’s Status Report on Real Time Communications.”  Its time for a curmudgeon’s view of the complex and rapidly emerging real time communications market to help separate fact from marketing fiction.

Do not forget the month before will be TADHack Global a celebration of technology, creativity and developers around the world.

What topics do we cover?

TADSummit is a “one-stop innovation shop” for all thing telecom app related. The discussion are frank and practice-based. We set in 2016 the course of the industry’s discussion through 2017 and 2018.

  • New services and businesses
  • Contextual communications
  • Conversational CRM and BOTs
  • Real time analytics
  • M2M and IoT without the hype
  • Telecom APIs and WebRTC
  • Internal innovation success (in large organizations)
  • Decentralization of the web
  • Application to person revolution
  • Network app stores
  • Enterprise telecom apps
  • Open source and open networks
  • The Dangerous Demo

Why Attend?

  • Open: meet most of the ecosystem that puts their technology where their mouth is
  • Practice based: meet the innovators working at the coal face
  • Focus on innovation: understand more new services and businesses than any other event
  • Track record of leading the industry: TADSummit leads, other events follow
  • Sponsors keep getting bought: who’s going to next?
  • Frank: we have a zero BS policy
  • If you’re not ready to hack at TADHack, TADSummit is the next best thing, then next year you will be hacking at TADHack!

Lisbon in November is the place to be if you’re interested in the web, and in particular telecom app development, which is increasingly defined by the web and the technologies used to support it. TADSummit registration is open. If you want to be involved as a sponsor, partner or presenter, please contact us.

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