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Comverse buys Solaiemes

Solaiemes, a founding sponsor of TADHack, was recently acquired by Comverse. Solaiemes focuses on two of the fastest growing market segments in the service provider and enterprise markets: mobile broadband / rich communications and WebRTC. Solaiemes has been a trail blazer in RCS and WebRTC, introducing innovative ideas, services and solutions to the market. These … Continue reading Comverse buys Solaiemes

Work Stream 5 (Service Innovation Processes) Kick Off Discussion

At TADSummit on the 12 and 13 November in Istanbul, there will be six work streams over the two days of the event, as described in this Introduction to TADSummit weblog. The work streams will be divided into detailed case studies and facilitated work group discussions focused on solving / exploring key issues in building … Continue reading Work Stream 5 (Service Innovation Processes) Kick Off Discussion

Introduction to TADSummit 2014 12-13 November Istanbul

This weblog introduces the TADSummit 2014 agenda, shown at the bottom of this weblog.  After the success of TADSummit 2013 and the massive TADHack 2014, we are building interest in an essential yet missing component of the Telecoms industry, the telecom application developer ecosystem that creates new services and customer value to address the revenue decline from … Continue reading Introduction to TADSummit 2014 12-13 November Istanbul

7 Reasons to attend the TADSummit

The TADS Agenda has been updated with additional telco case studies, developer ‘show and tells’, and world-class panels.  Huawei is the latest TADS sponsor, demonstrating their leadership of the large telecom vendors in understanding the importance of telecom application development to the future of the industry. Here are 7 reasons to attend the TADSummit: Learn … Continue reading 7 Reasons to attend the TADSummit

TAD Manifesto Feedback Part 1

Since the release of the Manifesto it’s been an intense week, thank you for all the feedback, keep it coming.  We’re receiving lots of excellent advice; and having many discussions addressing confusions in the market.  This will help make the Manifesto easier to understand, especially on some of the assumptions and defining some of the … Continue reading TAD Manifesto Feedback Part 1

Why are you holding TADS in Bangkok?

Its a question often asked, “why are you holding TADS (Telecom Application Developer Summit) in Bangkok?  Why not London or the Bay Area?” There are operational and strategic reasons. Operationally At the same time as TADS in Bangkok is ITU Telecom World with 7000 of the telecoms industry attending at the same location of the … Continue reading Why are you holding TADS in Bangkok?

Webinar on TADSummit and TADManifesto 3rd Oct

A TADS Webinar discussing the TADManifesto and TADSummit will run on Thursday 3rd October at 10AM NYC time, 7AM San Francisco, 4PM Central European Time, and 10PM China time.  The webinar will be streamed live here, so check out this entry at that scheduled time and we will have a Google buy xanax on the … Continue reading Webinar on TADSummit and TADManifesto 3rd Oct

Telecom Application Developer Manifesto

The Telecom Application Developer Manifesto can be viewed and downloaded below.  Please send your feedback to, thank you. This is just the first draft, its going to evolve rapidly as its a living document.  In particular, the needs and responsibilities in building the ecosystem needs work.  Its tone is independent and to-the-point, such frankness … Continue reading Telecom Application Developer Manifesto