TADSummit Asia Wrap-up. TADSummit EMEA Americas Launch.

TADSummit 2020

That’s a wrap on TADSummit Asia 2020. Through the month of May we’ve created an important milestone by documenting the status, latest thinking and best practices in Programmable Communications / Telecoms (CXTech).

Thank you to our sponsors for making TADSummit Asia 2020 possible:  SangomaAsteriskVoIP Innovations (Apidaze), and TeleSign.

Thank you to every one of the presenters and panelists for their excellent contributions. If someone were to ask me where to find a single resource with the latest thinking across programmable communications, the TL;DR of the TADSummit Asia Agenda is it.

I’ve segmented the presentations into 5 groups:

Industry Status Reviews

Welcome to TADSummit Asia 2020

Sangoma Keynote: Welcome from Jim Machi and the Sangoma Product Stack

CXTech Landscape Across Asia by Alan Quayle

A Brief Introduction to Network as a Service and Megaport

Programmable Telecoms – What is in IT for Telcos? By Sebastian Schumann

Improving the Experience of Realizing CXTech Use Cases by Marten Schoenherr

Panel Discussion: Why Asia could be the best region for a Universal Telecom API

Identity Verification

TeleSign Keynote: Global Provider with a Local Presence by Stacy Stubblefield

TeleSign TeleTalk: Digital Identity For Seamless Onboarding in EMEA and APAC by Abhijeet Singh

TeleSign TeleTalk: Digital Identity For Seamless Onboarding in the Americas by Stacy Stubblefield and Ravish Patel

Innovator Interviews

Programmable Communications Innovator Interview: Ruwan Dissanayaka, Co-Founder and CEO at Extrogene Software

Programmable Communications Innovator Interview: Devadas Krishnan, Chief Executive Officer at MySchoolPage

Innovator Interview: The Importance of Hacking with David Curran about Science Hack Day

Programmable Communications Innovator Interview: Manjeet Singh, CEO & Co-founder at Buddy4study

Open Source Telecom Software

Introduction to Kamailio by Fred Posner

Open Source Telecom Software Landscape

OpenSIPS 3.1, on the Verge of Class 5 Enrichment by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

Status of WebRTC across Asia

CPAAS: Let the Great Unbundling Begin! By Dave Horton

Introductions to Asterisk, Apidaze (VoIP Innovations) and FreePBX


The Anatomy of a Small Scale Question Classification Engine by David Curran

How to improve Natural Language Datasets by David Curran

How chatbots enhance customer engagement and customer communication by Jay Shah

TADSummit EMEA Americas 2020, Nov 2020

TADSummit 2020

As one door closes, another opens. With the completion of TADSummit Asia, our focus moves onto TADSummit EMEA / Americas in November.

The format will be similar to TADSummit Asia, with daily releases of fresh, original, and insightful content from presentations and panel discussions.

If you’re interested in presenting or sponsoring please get in touch.

And don’t forget in October 10-11th we have TADHack Global. We’ll be running most locations hybrid (that is both in-person and online). So if social distancing rules allow you you can finally get some in-person hacking. And if you’re still avoid crowds, you can still take part. We’ve always allow remote entries, and you chances of winning are the same weather you’re in person or remote.

TADSummit 2020