TADMeetup Singapore WOW!

We’ve been running TADMeetups in NJ, Paris, and Austin.  They’re informal gatherings of people interested in telecom application development.  The idea for TADMeetup Singapore began when Sam from Informa asked if I’d run a TADMeetup in parallel with LTEAsia. I was already chairing the signaling focus day, the keynotes on Day 1, the 5G Summit, […]

Voxbone Links Telecom Applications and Telephone Networks

Voxbone is delighted to be a sponsor of this year’s prestigious TADSummit. As the market leader in providing virtual local phone numbers (often referred to as DIDs or inbound SIP trunks) to telecommunications application developers, cloud communications providers, and enterprise contact centers, Voxbone is proud to show our commitment to fostering the growth of the […]

Work Stream 4 Kick off Discussion, Innovation in Legacy Consumer Telecoms Services

At TADSummit in Istanbul between 12-13th November, there will be six work streams over the two days of the event. These streams will be divided between in-depth case studies and moderated workgroup discussions. These will focus on key opportunities and challenges involved in building the relevant part of the telecom application development ecosystem. This article […]

TADSummit Agenda

The TADSummit agenda is packed and unique. Telcos, technology providers and developers from around the world are coming together with a focus on success to build the telecom application development ecosystem. The financial numbers of most telcos show service innovation is no longer a nice ‘marketing sheen’ applied to the same old network investment. Its […]

Work Stream 1 Kick Off Discussion: Go-to-market for Enterprise Services

Work Stream 1. Kick off discussion on Go-to-market recommendations for Enterprise Services. Led by Mac Taylor. Go-to-market (G2M) remains a critical barrier to service innovation success. Through a series of case studies and facilitated group discussions this work stream will produce a series of recommendations and actions we need to take to solve the go-to-market […]

Work Stream 6 Kick off Discussion: Innovation Pipeline by Mark White

TADHack 2014 held during June in Spain, simultaneously at satellite events in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, the Philippines, the United States, and remotely from almost everywhere else – was a phenomenal success. Over 500 developers took the opportunity to devote 24 hours straight to innovate and create new services and applications using Telecom APIs. Winning teams […]

Introducing the TADSummit Sponsors and Partners

  TADSummit is focused on bringing the industry together to build the telecom application developer ecosystem. Last year the focus was creating the TADManifesto and setting out the plan for 2014 with TADHack and TADSummit. The sponsors of TADSummit 2014 include: With over 15,000 installations across 100 countries since 1989, APEX Communications is a global provider […]

Work Stream Review

TADSummit is focused on building an essential component of the Telecoms industry, the telecom application developer ecosystem that creates new services and customer value to address the revenue decline from the commoditization of voice and messaging. Only by working together can we make this happen and drive new revenues into the industry. The sponsors, partners, developers […]

Work Stream 3 Kickoff (IPR and Service Innovation)

For those of us who are in the business of building things.  Where “things” are primarily apps and services. Of course, telecommunications APIs now offer a ready base from which to form or realise our visions. Being able to use networks and network resources as programmable entities, rather than as simply accessible services, opens up a […]