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Stream 6: Dangerous Demo 2016

The Dangerous Demo has become a regular feature of TADHack and TADSummit. It shows to the industry what is actually possible at scale using a range of off-the shelf, open source, and new technologies. If you want to see the latest in network and service infrastructure 6-24 months before any other event, this stream delivers. … Continue reading Stream 6: Dangerous Demo 2016

Building the TAD Ecosystem

Given the feedback received since the release of the TAD Manifesto and the responses to the TAD Questionnaires, Telecom application developers range from: Hardcore Telecom Application Developers building communications platforms and services on open source and proprietary platforms such as OpenCloud, Asterisk, Free Switch, Mobicents, Clearwater, etc..  These are the developers that understand re-origination, codec … Continue reading Building the TAD Ecosystem

Telethings: An Open Source Communications Platform as a Service

The TADS agenda is packed, we have several excellent presentations we’ve not been able to include.  So we’re covering them on the TADS weblog.  We kick-off with Telethings from Thomas Quintana.  We’ll be covering many more as the purpose of the TADS weblog to not only to capture all the cool stuff happening at TADS … Continue reading Telethings: An Open Source Communications Platform as a Service